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Purposes and Scopes of the Centre

Purposes of the centre are:

  • To design an enriched, differentiated and individualized curriculum so as to support the talented children in Turkey and other countries and then to bring them up as scientists;
  • To discover talented children and provide them with necessary psychological, academic and social support, specifying their interests and intellectuality from birth to the end of higher education;
  • To give consultation to the related public and private agencies in order to raise awareness and train parents and teachers concerning talented individuals;
  • To produce local strategic knowledge about talented children and do scientific researches, evaluate the researches and then have an information centre;
  • To determine policy on education of talented individuals, evaluate the present policies and then update them in accordance with their need;
  • To contribute to the education, employment, researches on brain power, planning and application for talented individuals;
  • To help talented individuals achieve an aware of national and universal values, have these values with respect and help them improve their creative and productive talents for the sake of their countries as well as for the sake of the whole humanity;
  • To help talented the progress of individuals socially and mentally, together with their natural skills;
  • To get talented students to be aware of their skills, improve and use their capacity in top level.